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Iron Man 3 is a one of free android games based on the third installment of this saga superhero film starring Tony Stark , one of the most genuine creations of Stan Lee and one of the most acclaimed Marvel superhero comics. The game Iron Man 3 is a game of constant race at full speed , style or Speed X Subway Surfers 3D , but with much more spectacular graphics and many more possibilities for action.
Iron Man 3 Free Android Game
Iron Man 3
This game of battles between heroes and villains that mixes action , continuous running attack and overcoming obstacles is a must for fans of the Iron Man movies , but also for fans of comics and quality games in a wider area . Iron Man 3 android is an action 3D runner in which you'll fight in flight and destroy all enemies of the IMA flying over the streets of Malibu, New York and China.

Among your enemies you will find the villains from the comics and the movie starring Robert Downey Jr as the dangerous Crimson Dynamo , Ezekiel Estein , Living Laser , and MODOK Like the best platform games in each level you have to fly through the airspace of dodging obstacles and knocking opponents screen, and at the end of each trip will have to fight the final boss , in an intense one on one combat .

In Iron Man 3 will also have control over Stark Industries and you will develop 18 different costumes based on actual armor of the film. In the lab you can also improve your Iron Man suits and get new powers to your armor , but yes, acambio micro payments in in- app purchases , or waiting long and hard to get game coins needed to unlock items .

If you liked the movie Iron Man or you're a fan of Marvel superheroes , you have to make with this arcade action game that mixes an endless runner race with a fighting game and speed in a magnificent three-dimensional environment . Iron Man 3 free download for Android smartphones and tablets and discover the power of the Iron Man suit while flying to all milk firing projectiles with your powerful energy cannons . Can you restore peace to the earth? Only by becoming Tony Stark and metiendote in the iron suit you'll know.

We like in Iron Man 3 for android

- Multiple missions
- 18 armor models
- Options for sensitivity controls
- Various scenarios
Requires   Android 2.3 and up
developer  Gameloft 

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