About Clash of Clans for Android

Clash of Clans android , the popular strategy game for iPhone, has also finally come to Android market games .

This is a game of strategy and combat in a world full of funny tribal warring clans together. You will construct your village and gather resources to taking it upon stores have them as well as barracks to train your troops .

Clash of Clans Free Android Game
Clash of Clans Free Android Game
What for? Well first , to defend your village from the invasion of enemy tribes . Here comes the part where the game construction and gathering becomes a Tower Defense , as we build walls around our efits as well as numerous defense towers and obstacles to crush the enemy.

An enemy that may well be the IA if we play the story mode, or a human like you, as the game has a strong multiplayer aspect . So much so that you too can send your troops (up to 14 types of units ) to attack other settlements. But be careful , people can be grouped into larger clans with numerous tribes allied with each other. Who knows , maybe you end up being in it, or better yet , forming your own clan ...

In this struggle for supremacy Is either complete success Clash of Clans for android , a fun game and is striking for its graphics made ​​in cartoon form .

we like in Clash of Clans android game

- Colorful graphics and fun characters .
- Construction , collection and Tower Defense .
- Wide variety of troops and buildings.
- Multiplayer Battles and clans .
Requires   Android 4.0.3 and up
developer  Supercell  

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