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Remember the Tamagotchi ? He was a true mass phenomenon in the 90s as a pioneer in the field of virtual pets . Pou Android Game is equivalent adapted to changing times , a virtual pet with many more possibilities than the old Tamagotchi , play it on your Android device.

Pou android game is an endearing little creature who lives in a house with different compartments : kitchen, bedroom, game room and laboratory , where you can clean when soiled and heal when sick. All you need Pou 'll see in your status bar, as well as receive notification if you are outside of the application . If you're hungry , you must feed it, if you are bored , play with it , if it is dirty , clean it , and so on.

Another notable difference is that Pou can customize its appearance . You will have to buy items with virtual money you earn playing Pou. If it takes you more money in virtual enter real money , you have the option to buy with real money such as clothing and accessories suitable to create your Pou look like a star . As you proceed with your story Pou, loving this alien will grow and stop being a baby .

Play Pou is very simple, its mini games are casual and simply slide your finger across the screen of your smartphone to control it. To feed or soap it is enough to drag the appropriate object to your Pou.
Pou Free Android Game
Pou Free Android Game

Although at first glance Pou is a casual game with very simple graphics and sea operation simple , the fact is that it is very addictive and success among users is supported by millions of downloads . One of its best features is its social section, with which you can make your pets visit Pou from your friends , and although the graphics is very flat, you can customize your Pou thousand ways and make it unique.

Pou is a fun game that will have a friendly alien pet that we have to look as if we were ourselves.

In Pou , we have to clean our pet , feed and play with it , so that it sits well with us and have a long life with us. We will have lots of fun taking care of her and now that we can do it from anywhere with your Android device.

Pou also allow us to test new suits , make potions lab , customize our Pou, unlock achievements and personal items for your pet , share our experiences with our friends, play with your pet as we want in the games that are in the special room for it etc. .

Everything you are looking for a pet , have it well maintained and spend nice time with her, 
I find Pou.

Pou, plus we will show how our pet is evolving and offers a lot of extras that will allow us to have new experiences every day with our pet we get bored without it.

we like
- The game is very complete when additions to care for your pet
- Music is not tiresome
- Notifications are minimal and useful

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