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My Talking Tom is the new android game application from the creators of Talking Tom Cat and Talking Tom Cat 2 . Now not only can we make the friendly cat Tom repeat what we say , if we can not care for it as a complete virtual pet.

In My Talking Tom Kitten adopt the puppy , and we will grow with our care across 9 stages and 50 levels, which will unlock new items each time.

And it would be a virtual pet game without customization ... at the end of the day Tom of each may be different from the rest . So we can choose from a good range of colors ( with some very original designs ) , hats, accessories ... we can also change the background, what is in the room where Tom is . More than 1,000 combinations are waiting for you to try to create a more unique pet.

My Talking Tom Free Android Game
My Talking Tom
Talking Tom is no longer just a friendly prank application to become a sort of Tamagotchi updated throughout and now we can feed Tom , wash it , caress it, put it to sleep and play fun mini-games with him . You will notice that if you do not care regularly your mood will go from bad to worse. And the best part is that all it does hold hairs.

Besides all this , Tom will emit funny sounds and repeat what we say if we click on it .

we like
- Design and 3D graphics really achieved .
- Mini games and variety of activities.
- In addition to virtual pet keeps repeating what we say .
- The unlockables are available from the game without paying.

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