About Shoot Bubble Deluxe Android Game

Bubble games is very popular game at Google market games while harvesting a success that seems inexhaustible. Its operation is very simple. Shoot a bubble whenever three or more of the same color, they disappear. At the same time , the bubbles are gaining ground on the screen, and if they reach your position , you've lost the game.

Shoot Bubble Deluxe Free Android Game
Shoot Bubble Deluxe
Blow Bubbles - Bubble Shoot has all the features that make this type of game a classic. A nice appearance with challenges that are not easily overcome 300 levels in puzzle mode never bored. You can play the puzzle mode or arcade mode, in addition to having to combine to make them disappear , you must act quickly as they are gradually going down and if you fill the entire screen , you lose . When you leave all the screen free from bubbles, pass the level you be able to get to the end?

To play you need not limit yourself to the shuttle touching the bottom , where the bubbles soar. Simply click on the location on the screen where you want to send your bubble, but keep in mind that will stop as find any colored ball on its way . In the Game Center , you'll get 10 points for each bubble you've removed and you can upload your best scores to the global leader board to test yourself against the best players from around the world .

Among other settings , highlights the colorblind mode, which facilitates an alternative format for people with difficulty distinguishing colors may also play Blow Bubbles - Bubble Shoot . Get this bubble game for Android, launch the bubbles with your best shot , and scale positions until the last level .
Requires   Android 1.1 and up
developer  City Games LLC

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