About  Jungle Monkey Saga Free Android Game

Jungle Monkey Saga is a fun adventure android game platform in which you'll have to help get your monkey to overcome all obstacles that are in and catch all the fruits which are on your way . Controlling Saga Monkey Jungle is very simple, because this just jumps and runs and with these two functions, you'll have to make your adventures in the jungle are fun and you do not end your life.

Jungle Monkey Saga Free Android Game

Jungle Monkey Saga Free Android Game
Jungle Monkey Saga Android Game

Jungle Monkey Saga offers several levels and some controls as affordable. The game difficulty is increasing each of the levels that we overcome, but it is actually a game affordable for all types of players and also is the most fun.

Jungle Monkey Saga offers good graphics and several hours of play to enjoy alone or with a few friends adventures as animals. Jungle Monkey Saga is a good game to have in your Android.

We like in Jungle Monkey Saga

- Many different levels and platforms
- Good graphics
- Affordable Controls
- Difficulty varied

Requires Android : 2.2 +
Download size : 8.3 MB

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