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Temple Run 2 is the second installment of the highly successful Temple Run, a platform game , speed , action and endless race to escape the dangers and pitfalls of this legendary temple. Will you make again the highest score that allows you to unlock all achievements?

This second part of the platform game and speed it achieved undeniable success jun among users of smartphones and tablets does not vary much gameplay over its predecessor . However, flee the temple is much more dangerous in Temple Run 2 , and graphic details are much more worked to recreate a realistic scenario and full of details . In Temple Run 2 the goal is the same : to escape hastily a temple that has looted a valuable figurine, avoiding bumping into obstacles , the pitfalls that are everywhere desperate by breathtaking drops or vacuum .
Temple Run 2 free android game
Temple Run 2
Although never really see the exit to the temple , since your leak is endless, so you have to get is the highest possible score . Now , unlike the first version , you can get your career on the time you lost (instead of always starting from scratch ) , in exchange for some of your gems, you can buy in- app with real money.

The way of escape is much more realistic and spectacular, thanks to the improved three dimensional graphics , which make much more detailed all elements of travel. Not lacking in this second part of Temple Run coins that you must collect along the way. With them you can unlock new characters , achievements and power ups that will offer valuable assistance in your mad dash .

If you like Temple Run, this second installment will not leave you unsatisfied and that maintains the dynamics such success has earned him the game, but with a completely new and much more colorful atmosphere, and some scenarios and obstacles updated to not stop surprise . If you are looking for a very addictive game with lots of action and blazing speed , free download Temple Run 2 on your Android smartphone or tablet and start to heat your escape from the temple.

we like in this android game

- Best 3D graphics

- Option to recover when you lose the race

- new characters
Requires   Android 2.2 and up
developer   Imangi Studios

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