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Brothers In Arms 2 Free is a one of nice android games and it's a military first person shooter set in the Second World War in which you put the soldier's uniform and with your brothers in arms have to sow terror in the cities and territories dominated by the shaft. As intense as the Dire Straits song with the same name , Brothers In Arms 2 is a game to keep in mind if you want a war game in first person.

Includes a history and a multiplayer mode . The first gives you acclimated 50 missions on five real scenarios of World War II : Normandy , Sicily , Germany, Pacific and North Africa . With your faithful pack , you get qiue advance on the enemy lines and spread some democracy between German and Japanese soldiers.

Brothers In Arms 2 Free Android Game
Brothers In Arms 2
Brothers In Arms 2 Free Android Game
Brothers In Arms 2 screen shot
All weapons you'll find Brothers In Arms 2 Free are replicas of historical weaponry of the Allies, including machine guns, bazookas , sniper rifles and flamethrowers . Also, you can drive several vehicles and place you in the turret of a tank to blast your way shots.

If you want to play with friends , multiplayer Brothers In Arms 2 Free offers several possibilities. First, you can play over the Internet with players from around the world , or to establish a local connection via Bluetooth to play with your friends without having to be connected to the network you can choose three different game modes to play with up to 4 friends 5 original maps.

If you want a free war game, shooting and battles first person to complete missions and play with your friends over the Internet , free download Brothers In Arms 2 on your Android smartphone or tablet .

we like
- Good graphics and atmosphere
- Local and Online multiplayer
- Variety of weapons and equipment to unlock

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