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Gameloft brings to your Android device game funny movie Despicable Me Minion Rush, a game of continuous career but with some surprises, mini-games and a great sense of humor.

The gameplay of Despicable Me Minion Rush is in most cases very similar to other games of infinite career as Temple Run or Subway Surfers , but the camera position or point of view , give a twist , as there lies all the time from behind the character , but it moves with him for you to manage your minion from different angles. In Minion Rush will have to run at full speed without stopping as you jump , dodge and you slide right and left different obstacles you'll find your way. All this to impression your boss , Gru , and get the award for best Minion of the Year.

Despicable Me Minion Rush includes missions set in different stages of the film, as the laboratory and Gru 's house , for example, you have to collect as many bananas as you can and fight against enemies and bosses . Among others, will have to measure your strength with the real villain of the film , Vector, but also with other characters created especially for the game , which features the authentic voices (in English) of the protagonists of Despicable Me .

Bananas to go collecting in the various missions Minion Rush can be exchanged for clothing and accessories to customize your minion , whom you can also buy weapons and power ups to improve your next race. Along the way each mission you will also find the most colorful enhancers , in addition to finding secret areas to gain more bananas. The game includes some bonus mini games like to make Minion Rush is not as repetitive as other similar games . These mini play as a giant minion , you piloting Gru 's rocket , or riding a unicorn fast leaving a trail of rainbow ( ring a bell? ) .

Minion Rush Graphics are very good and also with dynamic cameras from different angles , animation and game action are much more interesting. This set of continuous career starring sympathetic minions is full of nods to the movie Despicable Me and imbued with all his mind and sense of humor, especially represented by the minions themselves, who do not cease to make you laugh .
Despicable Me Minion Rush Free Android Game
Despicable Me Minion Rush
Also noteworthy that in Despicable Me : Minion Rush can access the leader board with scores of other players, see the records of your friends while you're running on a mission, or challenge them directly to measure your reflexes on the same screen . If you liked the movie Despicable Me or you like to try games continuous race with lots of action , speed, reflexes and a lot of humor , free download Despicable Me Minion Rush for Android and enjoy this fast paced action game speed.

we like in this Android Game
- Based on the funny movie Despicable Me
- Variety of missions and mini-games
- Dynamic cameras from different angles
- Enhancers , weapons and costumes to enhance your minion
- Good graphics
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